Gold Tooth In A Mouth Full Of Rotten Fillings

by No Fucks Given

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released June 15, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Fresh Hell
What fresh hell is this?
Eyeless screaming fingers tearing
Worthless creature fucking weakling
Sinew twisted coward martyred
Maggot ruptured life departed
Burn these fucking useless fools
Stoke the pyre with human bone
Feast upon their blackened flesh
Fuck amidst the cleansing ash
Mutilation! Desecration!
Detruncation! Immolation!
Ritual sexual punishment frenzy!
Chemicals wearing off
What the fuck did we do?
Track Name: Never Fast Enough
It's never fast enough!
Unrelenting savage bash
Skin dissolving caustic smash
Garrote wire saws through bone
Lugholes fucked by ceaseless drone
Lose your balance, you're in the shit
Prepare to be battered by lunatics
Guts pulled out in frenzied mosh
Blastbeats grind your face right off
Forcing shitmix down your throat
Til you want to fucking choke
Corpses start to fill the room
No escape from this tomb
Tried to get into other stuff
But it's never fast enough
ADGD ('Attention Deficit Grind Disorder')
Never! Fast!
Track Name: Any Minute Now I'm Going To Kill Someone
Can't understand these stupid cunts
Wish they'd all just shut the fuck up
I swear I'm going to crack some skulls
Surrounded by humans smelling of shit
Mindless drivel on their tongues
Trying so hard to block it all out
But life is far too fucking oppressive (4 lines x2)
Go fuck yourself
Randomly severing limb after limb x2
Running naked and bloodsoaked with an iron hard cock
Can't understand these stupid cunts
Wish they'd all just shut the fuck up
I swear I'm going to kill them all!
Track Name: Nation Of Cunts
Everyone in here is dead! GO!
Frantic abject
Nice to see you all showed up
Hideous aspect
Nice to see I'm not alone
Flying objects
Nice to see It's all been worth it
Mindless marching onwards
Soulless towards the furnace
Blinded by guilt and greed
Crippled by desperation
They have fucked us all!
We have become a nation of cunts
Only fit to be endlessly fucked!
Lie back and let it happen
Track Name: Tanks Are Shit
Liquified in an armour plated tomb
Crack open the shell to get to the gooey centre
Stupid fucking panzer cunts
Fat and fatigues fused by heat
Carbonised commandos charred to a crisp
The stench of extinction lingers inside
Serves them right for blowing up kids
World police! Ham for the grill!
48 hour shifts at the wheel
Making them sloppy and trigger happy
Remorselessly firing shell after shell
At hospitals and schools
World police! Burn these pigs!
Shut your fucking mouth!
Tanks are shit!
Track Name: Barcoder
Victims dismembered and raped
Nightmarish visions infesting the brain
Acid falls from the sky
Psyche collapsing, it's all in the eyes
Black twisted souls set free
To bring forth misery
A plague upon these nice streets
There's no reason, no fucking release
Cut them to pieces and fuck them to shit!
Kill yourself!
Track Name: Thanks For The Memories, Now Fuck Right Off
Cheers for talking fucking shit
You waste of fucking skin
Now you've overstepped the mark
This will never fucking end
You'll never learn!
Track Name: This Is The End, My Rotten Fiend
We don't need words to describe the apocalypse